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Fonts intrigue me, colors inspire me, and pursuing the optimal composition of words and graphics is my passion.


I have always loved design, layout, and collaborating on creative projects. I was always the first one to volunteer to design a poster or layout a newspaper for school projects -- I even started a nation-wide Chinese language studies magazine in high school. After I graduated from Grinnell College I was hired by a municipal utility company as a communications and energy specialist where I was able to pair my love of design with my degree in Sociology and Technology Studies.


I have been doing freelance web and print design since I left the career-track when my husband and I had our first child. Shortly after making that transition, I set up office at home where I have been working ever since.


I now have two children, and have lived in Iowa, Oklahoma, Delaware, Indiana, and now North Carolina. My focus has broadened throughout the years to also include book publishing, marketing, and distribution. My business has moved and grown with me -- it mirrors my family, my life, and my interests.




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